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Produce Club Members' Favorites

Organic Eggs

$7 per dozen. They don't get any fresher or more delicious than this! Crack an egg and you can even see the difference before you taste it... and you will! They're Better!

The eggs are out of this world good!
— Dimitra A., Naples, FL

PREMIUM Long-Stemmed Strawberries

$7.5 per box. 

We pick these to have long stems so you can dip them in your favorite topping like Ghirardelli milk  or dark chocolate, add white chocolate swirls, crushed nuts or even shredded coconut. What ever your fancy these will be sure to please! Perfect for Valentine's Day.

Natural, Organic
Better Chicken

$6 per pound. Raised the way chickens were meant to be! They forage for bugs and eat all the same vegetables that we supply to our produce club members.  Additionally, they are supplemented with an all organic, non GMO, no soy grain. We never give them antibiotics or hormones, and we never inject the meat with any type of solution like store bought chickens. You won't find better chicken than our Better Chicken!


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