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At Better Food Farm we grow clean, fresh, healthy produce that delivers the taste and quality your family deserves. Guaranteed. To reach that goal we've combined the best of organic methods, which help ensure the highest quality food, and the best of hydroponics, which helps increase value while decreasing impact on the environment.

Why Our Hydroponic Produce is Better

We grow our produce hydroponically in stacking soilless media pots, and for some types of produce, ground pots. This means our plants are less susceptible to weeds, fungi, soil borne insects, and diseases than conventionally and even organically grown crops are.

Hydroponics is also far more environmentally friendly because it uses a fraction of the water and electricity that is typically needed to grow crops conventionally. Additionally, there is no runoff that would affect the environment and no damage to the soil. By being able to control the environment that the plants grow in, we are able to grow healthier, tastier food at a better value for our customers. 

Why Our Truly Local Food is Better

There are many good reasons for eating locally grown food: freshness, purity, taste, community support, preserving open space, and significantly reducing fossil fuel consumption. Large-scale commercial agriculture today seems more focused on enhancing their ability to ship and extending the shelf life of produce for their bottom-line rather than enhancing taste or nutrition. In fact, as industrialization of farming has increased, nutritional content and richness of taste have all too often decreased. The average produce item in a grocery store can travel 1500 - 2500 miles and take several days to reach your grocery cart, losing flavor and nutrition all the way. This also means that conventional produce has to be picked before it is ripe and studies have shown that fruits and vegetables steadily lose vitamins while in storage.  When you buy locally, the produce you consume doesn't just spend far less time in storage, but it is able to ripen on the plant, giving it time to mature and develop more nutrients. This means more nutrients, more flavor, and more smiles.

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The BFF Promise

The Jonas Family

The Jonas Family

Better Food Farm is a Local Family owned farm in Estero, Florida. Using Hydroponic and Organic methods we strive to deliver Better Food. Better Tasting. Better Quality. Better Value. 100% Guaranteed. If you are not happy with our produce we will either replace the produce or refund your money until you are satisfied.

Thank You and God Bless!
— The Jonas Family