Pasture Raised Organic Turkey - Deposit


Pasture Raised Organic Turkey - Deposit


Pre-order for 2016 Thanksgiving! If you want to be notified of any available turkeys next year be sure to sign up for our Harvest Report emails. (You can sign up at the bottom of this page.)

Pre-Order Here

Pre order your holiday turkeys now!!  If you want one for your Thanksgiving table, we are now accepting reservations on a first come, first serve basis exclusively for our produce club members. These delicious, totally natural turkeys will weigh between 20 and 35 pounds each and we'll be delivering them locally ready to freeze or cook. You'll be notified via email when they will be delivered.

What does "totally natural" mean? Exactly what you'd expect; Turkeys raised pretty much the way the pilgrims did it!

  • No antibiotics
  • No GMO feed
  • No soy feed
  • No hormones
  • Yes, lots of room in a pasture
  • Yes, organic feed
  • Yes, a caring family of farmers looking after them

This $50 deposit will ensure that you get one of our pastured organic turkeys, includes local delivery, and will be applied to the final price of $6.00 per pound. 

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