How to Change your Facebook Post Privacy So We Can See It

If we can't see your post, we can't pick it! Here's how to edit the privacy of your post (from your computer or phone) so that we can see it. It only takes two clicks or three taps!


On Your Phone:

Step One: Tap the downward arrow on the post you want to us to see.

Step Two: Tap "Edit Privacy".

Step Three: Tap "Public", then "Done" to save the change.

Note: This only changes the privacy of this post. This does not change the privacy of the rest of your posts or Facebook.


On Your Computer:

Step One: Go to the post you want us to see, and click the privacy icon. It will look like the one above circled in red if you've shared the post with your friends. (That's the default on Facebook.)

Step Two: Click on "Public" to change the privacy of the post.

Note: This will only change the setting for THIS POST. It will not change the settings for anything else.

Step Three: Confirm that the privacy icon is now a globe, as shown above. Thumbs up! You did it.