3 No-Mess Egg Recipes

You rolled out of bed this morning, starving. You need to be on the road in 20 minutes, or you’ll be late. Cooking breakfast will take time, and it will generate a sink of dirty dishes for which you don’t have time. You could just do them when you get back. But there’s nothing surer to put you in a bad mood than arriving home starving, ready for dinner, but you have to clean your dirty breakfast dishes before you can make dinner.

Sound familiar? Or maybe it’s more simple: how can you cook breakfast for the whole family without creating a sink and a countertop full of dirty dishes? Or what are some easy recipes your children can handle on their own?

Great news! We’ve found three no-mess (not guaranteed, if you have little ones “helping out”) egg recipes that will keep you and your loved ones full until lunch time. They’re easy to make in advance on the weekend, or pretty simple to whip together in the morning.

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs - Nom Nom Paleo

The king of the lazy breakfast: the hard-boiled egg. You can definitely mess up a hard-boiled egg though, and end up with a smelly, sulfurous, pasty piece of work. This recipe will get you perfectly cooked hard-boiled eggs without the smell. Perfect every time!



Perfect Soft Boiled Eggs - Savory Simple

If you’re a fan of over-easy eggs, you’ll probably love that there’s a contained version. But do keep a napkin handy when you eat it to catch any drips!



Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 2.17.48 PM.png

Eggs Scrambled In Shell - NightHawkInLight

This one is a little more complicated, but will still get you a mess-free breakfast—and one with a little wow factor too. There is an updated method too, but it requires some two inch piping, which most of us don’t have lying around our homes.

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